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Pump for Chandler Biodiesel

Woot! This is really exciting news. Some friends of mine have cars that run on biodiesel, and I know that it is inconvienient to collect and process one’s own grease. Having a local source for already converted oil will be a huge step for those who have been considering the switch. It sounds as though it will be at a much lower cost than traditional diesel as well.

More and more alternatives to traditional fuel will be a better solution than one. In other words, we can’t all switch to one other type of fuel–we need diversity. A community that has a strong mass transit system combined with telecommuting, biking, electric and algae fueled cars, motorcycles, and transportation options that haven’t been invented yet are a better solution than simply processing mass quantities of corn and soy for fuel.

Growing food like we have been is not sustainable and is poisoning our water and land. We need to return to closed system farming that recycles the waste of animals into fertilizer for the crops. Farms like Polyface Farms in Vermont are an example of the types of farms we need to support as consumers. I know here in Arizona we have access to CSA‘s and local farms like Crooked Sky Farms and Tonopah Rob’s Farm from which we can buy our produce.

If you aren’t able to garden yourself, I recommend joining a local CSA or finding out how you can buy produce at a farmer’s market.


david and thomas

One of David’s brothers, Thomas, stayed with us for a few days in April. I tried to get a nice picture of the two of them before Thomas left, but something happens to the Mulhern boys when they get in front of a camera lens. They fidget. They laugh. They poke each other. It’s an impossible task. So I take what I can get. Here is my concession.



toe jam


I received an email from my friend Michael Mullowney today. We took several classes together including watercolor and jewelry design. (By the way, never take jewelry class at 7:40a.m. No one should be handling blow torches or acid that early.)

His watercolors will illustrate a children’s book called Toe Jam. The book is about little fairies similar to the tooth fairy but with a much more disgusting job. If you can think of a job grosser than collecting teeth.

Congratulations to Michael.

community garden


So the garden is looking pretty good.  If anyone is dying for arugala–come and get it.  There is aplenty.  Even though it was pretty late in the season, we managed some broccoli and this one small cabbage head.  The chickens get to eat most of the late winter crops because the aphids seem to target anything that liked the colder weather.  Hopefully, the chickens will start to lay eggs soon.  We are talking about buying a dairy cow.  If you want in, let me or Wendi know. (preferably Wendi because her friend will keep it.)  The purple beans are looking beautiful.  I cannot wait to try them.  I hope they produce a million beans.

Happy Birthday Stacy!!!

Happy Birthday to my friend Stacy.

She and I have known each other for about ten years now…whew, ten years, REALLY?!

We met after she broke her ankle ice skating. (Go awkard college church events-woot!) I felt sorry for the poor girl who couldn’t stand like every one else during the singing time at church, so I would sit with her. (Actually, I liked being able to relax–man, those songs go on forever!)

Anyway, we went to ASU, lived together, laughed together…she was in my wedding…ate sushi together…I think I got her to like mustard…I crashed her car…she introduced me to personality profiles and being a more sensitive person…

Here’s to another ten years!