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most of the pictures to my blog are borked!

So many changes in my life this past year and it shows in unexpected ways. One of which is that most of the photos in my blog are now broken links. I think I may re-upload the ones to the interviews since those have always been the most important posts to me. Perhaps I will delete some of the other blog posts.

I have set up some interviews and want to continue doing that.

Also considering selling my Cannon and buying a Fuji.

peach pink rose

peach portland rose

interview series moving forward and some reflective thoughts

unicorn portland

Last year was one full of great changes for me.

David and I left Phoenix to move to Portland at the very end of February. I had lived in Phoenix my entire life. My original plan was to move after college, but it took a little over ten years.

We went from owning a large home to renting a small (725 sq ft!) house! We learned and are still learning to pare down what we have. It helps that we don’t live close to any big box stores full of inexpensive and tempting things. There’s a sense of accomplishment to let go of things we’ve been holding on to both physically and emotionally.

After finally getting my health under control in 2012 and moving at the beginning of 2013, I was finally able to get a job in a new career. I am so grateful for those who saw my potential and ignored my lack of experience. I am grateful for the teammates who help me with the steep learning curve everyday and make my job a fun place to work. I am full of joy to move forward and learn new skills and grow. Thank you: Jarnigan, Jesse, Wael, Jordan, John, Kenny, Mike, Ian, Robert, Lucas, Matt, Will, Grant, Raul, Charlie, Mel and Alison.

I am thankful for my friends and family who have visited me here in Portland bringing pieces of home. I love showing my new city to you. I still have so much to discover each day about this magical place full of artists, trees, and quirky shops. Oh and the food. Thank you Tom, Sarah, Jill, John, Stacy, Erica, James, Tim, Anke, Judy, Chanelle, Gabe, Susan, and Bree. (Am I forgetting anyone?)

And speaking of food, what a perfect city for me! Restaurants that label their menu with gluten free indicators (GF)! Chefs who understand special diets and embrace the diversity of their patrons! Hooray!

Just under the gun, Stephanie slid into Portland. She left Phoenix before I did, but overshot and landed in Seattle. She just moved to the neighborhood last month! I am thrilled to have one of my best friends back again.

We visited Phoenix in May for my little brother’s wedding. It was originally going to be a destination wedding, but they changed their plans. It ended up being just perfect for them: full of friends and family. Dancing, eating, toasting, drinking…so full of emotion and celebration.

I rode my bike to and from work about 10-11 miles round trip along the river on a bike path from the beginning of October to the end of November. So maybe about 460 miles? I suppose that isn’t much for you regular cyclists, but quite a lot for me. I am excited for the mornings to warm up a tad (50 degrees please!) and the sun to extend it’s daylight hours so I can ride again.

In some sense, my blog has suffered because of my new life. I feel compelled to be outside so often. I love exploring and when I am at home, I like to unwind with my knitting. I have met so many wonderful people here though, so I want to continue my interview series and increase the frequency. I can’t believe I only interviewed three people in 2013!

2013 Interviews




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thinking about the internet

I really like using social media.

Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Ravelry, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest…(the new MySpace?)

I know hardly anyone that doesn’t use some form of online social media. (My brother actually is one.)

A long while back, I didn’t use an RSS feed to check the blogs and websites I liked. I checked them manually. CRAZY.I.KNOW. And I was feeling irritated because I was using all this time to go through my friends’ blogs that they hadn’t updated in FOREVER. I ranted to a friend of mine, “Why do they even have blogs if they don’t use them?!”

And my wise friend Zack said, “You don’t get to determine how other people use the internet.” (And he told me about RSS feeds. What a genius.)

And that’s my advice. Stop telling other people that they are wrong for posting too many photos, or too much of what they are having for lunch, or talking about their pet/kid/favorite tv show, or for basically not using it the same way you do.

If you don’t want to see it or hear about it, then don’t follow/friend them. It’s that simple.

Let me restate: If you don’t like how they express themselves online, then don’t look at what they post. (Or don’t post in my earlier story.)

But wait, you say, “They aren’t using the tools right!”

My reply is, “In your opinion.” Maybe they aren’t using them in an effective manner to gain followers or to not be annoying to you or whatever, but unless they are being hateful bigots, leave them alone. Let them do what they want.

Stop criticizing.

Carry on.


some changes

i’ve basically been exhausted my whole life starting in my teens. maybe it has been the cumulative effect of years of homework and late night shifts with too much caffeine; maybe at some point i contracted the epstein-barre virus-who knows? but the result was a long wearing fatigue, a litany of various meds or vitamins i could experiment with, and the accompanying depression. not to mention, the lack of clarity of thought and the inability to really direct a course for my life.

the journey has been extremely frustrating both physically and mentally.

a little over over a month ago, i decided to try the paleo diet to address the energy issue since so many people reported that theirs improved when they switched to a paleo diet.

things have certainly improved. i don’t suffer from the mental fog i was really struggling against. my energy levels are up. my skin seems to be improved. i feel happier. my legs don’t ache like they used to. i’ve lost a little weight. i get to eat bacon and wings.

i won’t say that i am 100% better, but i am on my way. and this way of eating although difficult at times, somehow seems right to me. there’s a ton of information out there on the internet, and i encourage you to check it out. you’ll find that there are a million stories far more interesting than mine: tales of great weight loss and stories of vanishing disease. i suppose it sounds too good to be true, but if you are struggling with a health issue, i encourage you to look into this way of eating.

here are some links to get you started:




birthday extravaganza

this photo is from last night. it’s one of many in a long line of photos of my brother and i sharing a birthday celebration. yesterday was his birthday, and today is mine. we are three years apart to the day. next week is his daughter holly’s birthday so she was getting in on the candle action here.

on my husband’s side, his youngest brother‘s wife’s birthday was two days ago, his second youngest brother‘s wife’s birthday was yesterday, and mine is today. strange that we all have birthdays in a row. our nephew on that side also has a birthday tomorrow.

and i have about a million friends that all have birthdays this week. including our adopted son drew.