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portland farmers’ market

we went to portland recently, and the farmers’ market downtown was amazing!

the smells! the flowers! the food!

there were so many choices of fruits, vegetables, and meats;

i can’t believe people could ever shop at a grocery store if they lived nearby.


old timey hipster musicians





shishito peppers



club awesome trip: jerome post four

this is the post about out of africa.

i got to hold this little girl. her spikes actually are rather soft. just for show.

this one’s spikes are real though.

big kitty yawn

they had this lady little in a large pen where you could feed her for a fee. and pet her.

the tiger splash time was a little different because t was so cold.

they had toys and hoses and played with the cats like big kitties.

big kitties that could eat you.

we went on a safari and our driver miles stopped several times to give the animals treats.

this is boom boom. rescued from a hunt.

we got to pet and feed zebra.

by the way, they are black with white stripes.

a big treat was the giraffe-he was super wrinkly-miles said he was part sharpei.

club awesome trip: jerome post two

the little town of jerome is pretty rad if you’ve never been there.

it sits on a hill and the main drag is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and galleries.

it’s a bit quirky.

alyssa, bree, and i grabbed a snack at quince.

had a sampler plate with mushroom nachos, stuffed potato wedges, and quesadillas.

and a piece of pecan pie laced with bourbon.