Monthly Archives: April 2010

green building

I took a little photowalk in the Silverlake neighborhood when I stayed in Los Angeles.  On the outside facade of a salon was a wall covered in a permeable fabric.  The fabric was cut and formed pockets in which were inserted tiny plants.  It looked amazing! I wanted to do this to my house.


april in la

I spent an extended weekend last month in Los Angeles with my good friends Sean and Bekah.  A bit of a last hurrah before they welcome their beautiful baby into this world and I don’t have a spare room to sleep in anymore.  They always show me a great time-they are the type of host who has fun activities planned-interesting places to visit both intellectual and low brow.  Good times had by all.

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Huntington Library.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical just by the name.  I do like libraries, but it was a vacation after all.  But I was more than surprised.  And they pretty much had to drag me away from the place when it was time to leave.  It is basically a giant fun-land for people who like art, books, and plants.  I could have spent days wandering around the property.


This was an entire collection of each edition of The Origin of Species.


“be safe”

Most people will quote these words to me as I walk towards my scooter.  Coming from another rider, it’s a friendly thing to say-there’s camaraderie in it, but coming from a car driver it can be frustrating.  I understand what they are saying-they want me to stay whole and hale.  But I wonder if their behavior has changed in response to having a friend ride.

Let me say I am safe.  I began my love affair with riding by taking a motorcycle safety course.  I am hyper vigilant.  I am always aware of my relation to cars on the road.  I never text, talk on the phone, talk to passengers, look at a map, read a magazine, put on makeup, or eat while driving.  I never even listed to music.  I only drive.  I maintain my scooter with regular services and replace the tires when they require.  I know that my safety depends on my level of attention.  Most motorcycle accidents considered the fault of the cyclist involve substance abuse.  I never drink and ride.

Which leads me to say…if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, it is most often due to the inattention of other drivers.  I ask you: are you safe?  Do you consider the lives of others on the road as you enter your vehicle?  When you tell me to be safe out there, I hope that you are safe.  Because my life is in the hands of others.


*update* My friend Monica took this shot