Monthly Archives: June 2007

laughing till I peed my pants

So I was talking to Jeff the other day.  He was getting terribly excited about the idea of driving a car on a lengthy roadtrip across several continents, “Did you know they are building an underground tunnel in the Bering Strait between Alaska and China?”

“Dude, you mean Russia!?”

I didn’t really start laughing until the guy at the next table started giggling.

around the world…

so I am itching for another trip.  Possibly in October.
Venezuela is looking like a possibility, but also considering Galapagos, or Thailand.

Wendi suggested Croatia, and invited me to Morocco with her in December.

Any suggestions?


As you may have already heard, a fire destroyed several families homes in a neighborhood in Philadelphia. The destruction is particularly devastating because a special community center was destroyed as well. This is an inner city area of Philly, and many families are now homeless and without power.

The afterschool program called “Yes and… “ provided an alternative to the choices that many inner city children face. You can make a difference in the time it takes to rebuild by contributing in any way you can. As well, as donating funds, please consider helping spread the word about the tragedy by posting on your website.

college times

There’s an interesting article in the latest edition of the College Times called Free for All: For groups popping up around the country, buying new stuff is out. Trading among friends is in.

The author interviews a woman named Kristin Hyde who has organized a yahoo group called “nonewstuffseattle.” They are inspired to try to buy nothing new except for food and necessities (like health and safety). They want to reduce their consumption of goods.

What a fabulous idea. I really liked the motivation of the people involved and the way they use community to motivate them to live more simply and more thoughtfully.

The article linked to a “Freecycle” group in order to help reduce consumption of new goods. Interestingly enough, freecycle was started in Tucson to reduce waste and the need for landfills.


It’s the season of babies.  I know everyone goes through this season of life when they feel that everyone around them is suddenly getting married or going to college or having babies.   Everyone is having babies.

At least I can practice my knitting.