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some changes

i’ve basically been exhausted my whole life starting in my teens. maybe it has been the cumulative effect of years of homework and late night shifts with too much caffeine; maybe at some point i contracted the epstein-barre virus-who knows? but the result was a long wearing fatigue, a litany of various meds or vitamins i could experiment with, and the accompanying depression. not to mention, the lack of clarity of thought and the inability to really direct a course for my life.

the journey has been extremely frustrating both physically and mentally.

a little over over a month ago, i decided to try the paleo diet to address the energy issue since so many people reported that theirs improved when they switched to a paleo diet.

things have certainly improved. i don’t suffer from the mental fog i was really struggling against. my energy levels are up. my skin seems to be improved. i feel happier. my legs don’t ache like they used to. i’ve lost a little weight. i get to eat bacon and wings.

i won’t say that i am 100% better, but i am on my way. and this way of eating although difficult at times, somehow seems right to me. there’s a ton of information out there on the internet, and i encourage you to check it out. you’ll find that there are a million stories far more interesting than mine: tales of great weight loss and stories of vanishing disease. i suppose it sounds too good to be true, but if you are struggling with a health issue, i encourage you to look into this way of eating.

here are some links to get you started:




health care

I believe the people of this country are holding back their creativity.  I believe that many never follow their dreams because they are held back in fear of lack of health insurance.  I know so many fathers and mothers who don’t strike out that idea for their personal passion whether it is a t-shirt company, a restaurant, or a music career. Instead, they take a “safe” job which deadens their heart and leaves them feeling as though they have betrayed themselves.

When I  travel to other countries, I am always delighted by the individual shops and businesses.  The small flower shops, the chocolatiers, the music stores.  The restaurants! The small food carts!  We are being robbed!

I believe that we as a country had more than enough money to pay for health insurance for all.  At least for all the children.  Instead we squandered it on war and bad loans.  We could rebuild our economy with actual dreams this time around.  I hope that this is something that happens in my lifetime.

And here’s a link that got me all fired up about this topic again.