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interview series: andrew gordan

Welcome to my first interview post! I’m really excited to introduce you to all the fascinating people I know!

So…I thought I’d start with Andrew. I first met Drew when we both worked at Starbucks in Chandler. He was probably sixteen years old, but he had a really old soul even then. He’d come over to my house, I think his parents considered the mister and I good influences on him. David and I still wonder aloud what our “adopted son Drew” is doing. And let me tell you, “adopting” an older child is the only way to go. Drew moved to Korea (although he’s back in the states again), and when he says he was in the fashion industry, he is not exaggerating. I have a copy of a Korean GQ with a multi-spread section featuring only Drew! I can’t wait to see what he does over the next several decades-he’s intelligent and creative! Thanks, Andrew, for being brave and willing!

JM: Tell me about yourself.


my name is andrew gordon.

personality type: INFP

blood type: B-

age: 21 years young (?)


i was raised predominately on the sunlight of chandler, arizona.

i moved to south korea 4 years ago, was ‘discovered’ (i know i know) in tokyo japan and began my life as a baby prostitute for the international fashion industry.

i must say it was the best and worst thing that has happened to me thus far.

JM: How old were you when you learned Korean? How did you learn it, and what made you interested in it?


unbeknown-st to me, a private school, asian foreign exchange students, a terribly boring choir class and budding interests i found myself really truly understanding the korean language.

i guess i really started to understand the language around freshman year in high school. to this day, i cant explain it- its almost as if i knew korean all along and someone just reminded me of it then.. i never traditionally studied- i just knew it. its very strange. i had been in a private baptist school and the american students there were seriously awful. so i tried to befriend the exchange students. . i was always very interested in words, numbers, and written text in general. i guess you could say i was influenced by asian calligraphy the most. really, a combination of so many complicated things formed the interest that led to the minor obsession which led to the understanding and eventually, les connaissances!!!!!!

i developed a curious interest in foreign language in high school, and really concentrated on asian calligraphy. if im being honest with myself- the curiosity stemmed from a wanting to be as secretive with my personal life as i possibly could, what better way to do so than in a foreign language?

JM: How have you changed in the past five years? Was there an “aha” moment in your life?


i really thought about this question and its hard to tell.

in fact, i would love to ask the same question about myself to those who know me, that might be more accurate.

i mean its such a dramatic change, that i dont know how to explain the way i was before.


in a general sense, im more travelled, and knowledgable about things.

“street cred” if you will…heh

um but at the same time, i really feel like the first few cycles of change are over with, and there is still much change to be done.


ive definitely become a lot more pessimistic.


ive also grown a few inches.

in a very superficial sense, ive really changed. at one point i was the epitome of the industry i was in.

and in a real sense ive become very superficial.




as for an AHA moment. this is one of those things that probably occurred while i was looking for my AHA moment.


a dear friend and ex-lover committed suicide last year. i guess that was an AHA moment for me in a sense.

maybe i misinterpreted the question.

JM: If there was one novel/artwork/philosophy/etc that you could teach in schools, what would it be? Feel free to elaborate on this.


schools. hmm. well i really havent thought about something i would want to change in schools in a long time.

5 years ago i would have had a few more opinions.

i think college should be free. like it is everywhere else in the world.


i guess the only thing on the top of my head is that i wish there was not such a pressure to attend university or you cant find a good job, etc.

i feel like america is so quick to scare you into 15 years of student loans- because if you dont, you’ll be flipping burgers. when in the reality of the situation, you be flipping them at three different jobs trying to pay off the damn loans in the first place. with the economy the way it is, and the rabbit hole of debt this country is spiraling into, my only advice for students is: get involved with a good foreign exchange program 🙂


ive met so many brilliant people over the years in all sorts of occupations doing well, no college education, no debt.


that being said- this opinion is selective. obviously i would agree that, of course, wanting to better yourself and learn more about certain things- school is great. i think it can really be a great thing when used correctly.

doctors, etc. its great. its necessary.


but i always felt such an overwhelming pressure to NEED to attend college in order to survive. yadda yadda.


now that i think about it i guess i could go on and on. but for now ill just leave it at that.

novels: anything.


actually- no.

i always took IP AP english classes, and they had us reading the great gatsby and whatnot. (i know)




novel: anything the slightest bit challenging. controversial!

change your curriculum please.



as far as art in schools goes. i dunno. i wish they would teach art in schools?

i always took art this and art that for electives and what not.

the most creative it got was probably finger painting in pre-k.


art in public schools is very limited- shading the apple, still life pastels, yadda yadda.

so censored and graded. i dunno. i think they teach art technique in school. art- not so muchie.

JM: What is your biggest life dream?


honestly, i dont know yet. i just really dont.

i never had a specific dream in adolescence either. that part of my brain is just not there.


i would just love to be somewhere that i love, with someone that i love, doing something that i love.

thats my biggest dream- right now 🙂

i know its an easy answer- but i just dont know.

JM: One last question: What internet link would you like to share?


hmm. internet link i would like to recommend right now would be:

this was a teaser i had done a while back for a friends album release that just released, so it is currently airing in south korea. the monologue is written by me, entitled “the sunday paper”

very low budget, so bear with me.

also :

i ran into the author of this blog a lot throughout the last few years. i attended a few film festivals put on by ASVOFF as well.

very cool.

JM: *update* Andrew wanted me to add these recommendations:


film director: Christophe Honore

book: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

fashion designer: RAF Simons

artist: M/M Paris

american film: none! (surprise surprise)

french film: Ma Mere

korean film: Sympathy for Lady vengeance ??? ???

taiwanese film: eternal summer

magazine: i-D

blog: ashadedviewonfashio

youtube video:

model: kim daul, forever.






Again, I just want to thank Andrew for participating in my new series! Please feel free to ask him questions in the comments!



i am going to start a series on my blog.

i don’t have a title for it yet, but i will be interviewing people i know.

i’m looking for volunteers.

you need not be anything other than yourself-i am looking to explore the uniqueness of the individual.

so…please feel free to put your name down in the comments if you’re willing.

the process will involve me sending you a list of questions through email,

and all you have to do is reply and attach a photo.

or i can take one.

also, if you have any suggestions on what i should name the series-please let me know!


today is thanksgiving.

i’m going to spend it with my family: mom, sister, brother, their families, a few others…

holidays are a big deal on my side of the family which is always a bit overwhelming because my mister and i are more introverted.

but i am thankful that i have family, a place to be, a sense of belonging…


i am grateful for








for what are you thankful?



This is one of my favorite patterns.

It’s one of those that you find on the cheap Sugar n’ Cream cotton at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Generally, I only like to knit a simple seed stitch for washcloths, but I love mixing colors on the edging for this pattern.


november community dinner

I finally attended a community dinner at Liberty Market (instead of working it).

It was so delicious!

The food was fantastic, and so was the sangria service.

I had a great time hanging out with my co-workers.


this is willy and ashley-they’re married.

willy is silly.


a picture of ashley. she’s pretty.


this is my boss joe. (we also ride scooters together.)


travis and taylor. (travis is also known as prickly pete during no shave november.)


this is me and becca. she was the one who did my wedding hair.

she more pictures of the rest of the night and the food here.