Monthly Archives: November 2007

are you registered?

If you aren’t registered to vote, I would encourage you to do so. I just changed my party affiliation today. Here is the link to register in Arizona.

A couple months ago, we were downtown at FirstFriday. A group was gathering signatures to get the Green Party access to the 2008 ballot. I looked at their literature and realized that I valued many of the same issues that the Green Party does. I am not on board with everything, but I see eye to eye with issues like the death penalty, the environment, non-violence, and national health insurance. Here is a link to the differences between the Green Party, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party.

Please don’t think that your vote doesn’t matter–it really does. Your party affiliation matters too. If you believe that their is a better alternative to this reality, please take the time to be ready for the next election because there are people out there ready to make a difference.

meet me by my locker after class

Zach was game enough to post his reading level, so I finally succumbed to the temptation. I would’ve guessed my blog was at a sixth grade level, and I was about right. In some states, I do believe that sixth grade falls into the middle school category. Meh, guess I should start to think about my vocabulary.

**By the way, I believe there is some sort of sketchy code they ask you to post on your blog.  I copied it, then looked through it to be safe.  I didn’t include the code that mentioned loans in it.

a lot of thinking…


I’ve been a bit reclusive since I returned from my trip. I saw so much art my brain got full…I am still uploading and resizing pictures…soon I will post them on a website.

The plane ride home felt too long. I got airsick, then my lymph nodes swelled up. I spent the last week recovering from both jet lag and some sort of ailment. Blech.

Anyway, I have done a lot of thinking lately. I am going to leave my job soon. I am going to focus on making art. My biggest revalation in Europe was that I am never going to be good at art if I don’t start truly making it. These past few years have been a desert in which I have been very parched. I am sad to leave my job because I really do love it, but it is not what I am meant to do with my life therefore I must leave it.

I am afraid of the expectations I will face. The questions…the pressure.  At the same time I am excited and feel hope for the first time in a very long time.  David has been most supportive, and I am grateful for that.  I feel as though we have been through a lot of challenges lately, but I am more confident in our marriage that ever.  I do appreciate our differences, and I am grateful that the opportunity is still there to grow.  We certainly don’t have everything figured out, but I suppose that is part of the road we travel together.