Monthly Archives: April 2009

scooter ride to the top


Yesterday, Joe, Tim, and I rode our Vespas up to the top of South Mountain where the radio and television towers are located. I’ve never been up there before this ride, and there is an incredible view of a large portion of the valley. We took some pictures of our scooters, and then drove back down and ate lunch at Los Dos Molinos.


my first gift scarf

Early last year, I taught my mother-in-law’s good friend Marcia how to knit when she took a few of us to Carlsbad, California on a beach vacation.  She’s been keeping it up, and knitting all kinds of things.  She recently took a cruise to Alaska, and she visited a yarn shop there called Raven Frog Fiber Arts.  She bought a handmade yarn and made a beautiful scarf for me! Wow!  It’s really cool because David was born in Alaska, and she thought that would be meaningful. Awww…

Below is the picture of her first practicing at the beach house.  She learned the hard way that knitting and drinking wine don’t mix when you are a beginner!


Below is a picture of me wearing the beautiful scarf that she made for me!