Monthly Archives: April 2007

speaking of free food…


They are taking donations if you’d like to help out Save the Family.  STF is a local Mesa organization that helps homeless families get off the streets.

Otherwise, you can just come and help break last year’s taco tally.


I buy my salad in the form of a head of lettuce.

I wash it, let in drain, chop it, put it in the salad spinner, then stick it in the fridge for easy consumption throughout the week. Occasionally, in the process I find small black flys or dirt. Meh, all part of buying food that comes from the ground.

About a week ago, I bought a head of lettuce. I left it in the fridge for many days before I got around to my lettuce ritual.
As I was chopping it, I found a ladybug. It was dead. Its little black legs were tucked under its body–dead bug style.

So sad. I never feel bad for the dirty flies. But the beauty of a ladybug–dead–in my lettuce…

I placed the leaf I found it on off to the side to be thrown in the composter later.

After a few minutes, I glanced at it.

It was moving.

I picked up the leaf. I walked outside.

I let the ladybug crawl onto the flowers in my garden.

I wonder if he even knew he was getting a second chance.

lenten season closes

Last night was Good Friday.

We celebrated? with our friends at the Bamford’s home. And it was good.

I feel that I did not really take the time to pause and reflect this season. I felt rushed during the day yesterday, and I think that ultimately was the state of mmy heart for the past 40 days.

Tomorrow is Easter. We will go to South Mountain at sunrise to welcome the resurrection into our lives once again.

Then we will go to Tempe to be with our homeless friends.

Then to my sister’s house. Easter always makes me think of Polish food.