Monthly Archives: December 2007

this last wednesday

Dave W. and I met again.  This time we looked over my memory book from Israel/Palestine.  We talked about our memories of Jeff’s charley horse, walking to Jaffa from Tel Aviv, and meeting for hookah with Sean.

We also called the Engel’s house, and we ended up meetin Rodney at Starbuck’s for coffee. We had fun reminiscing about the mule, the wind tower and various foreign exchange students.

Next week, we plan on driving around Mesa the meeting up with Rodney again.

dave w

I had another great afternoon with Dave. We looked through another album and reminisced. His parents fed me way too much sugar–they’ve been baking for the holidays.

We called Jeff on speaker phone, and we badgered him until he came over too. It was the first time the three of us had been together since Israel.



the candidates

I want to know who is running for president.

I want to know where they stand on the issues.

I want to know who are the candidates that are not republican or democrat.

I want the media to actually cover these other candidates.

Here is the best list of candidates I could find.  (I found a more extensive list, but the candidates did not all have complete bios.  It did list their party affiliation–did you know there are some crazy parties out there?  Check out the United Fascist party or the Light party.)


I am extremely excited for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law–they have decided to buy nothing new for one year.  This is something I have been interested in exploring further myself, but I never expected to know anyone who would take this amazing plunge.  You can read about the “rules” they are following, and I also recommend reading the Good magazine article.



I was able to visit my friend Dave W.  He is doing so much better.  He still attends rehab for learning things he should know, but we had a great time reminiscing.  We looked through an old photo album I had, and I reminded him of people and he told me stories about them.  I was really impressed with what he recalled.

I am going back next week.

work, work , work

I feel as though I’ve been working on the floors forever.  Soon they will be done.

I am on phase two: the kitchen side. Meaning: the other half of the bottom floor of our house.  Carpet and linoleum are both ripped up. (Thanks to Grant for finishing that part.)  On to patching, priming, painting, glazing, sealing…Trim work–painting and caulking.  Finishing the bathroom–ceiling: painting and glazing, hanging the light fixture, installing the cabinet…Moving all the furniture back, moving the studio downstairs, buying and installing an actual curtain for the arcadia door in the kitchen…

Monday is supposedly my last day at work…

Christmas is only two weeks away.  I feel unprepared.  I wanted to observe advent this year.  So far, I haven’t.  I don’t feel like my spirit is in a state of waiting; I feel like it is in a state of wishing everything would just slow down.


I uploaded and labeled most of my pictures from the trip to Europe.  My sister may be sending me some of her files, but as of right now, this is what I’ve got.  Peruse at your leisure–it’s probably really dry.

Some of you did want me to sit with you and go over them.  Maybe I will invite myself to Kelli’s house, and Zack will let me use the projector and I can bore everyone.  But at least we can all drink while I do it.

(By the way, I used to create my website.)

I told you I was right

David, Zack, and I spent the morning at a fancy car show plugging folionow.

I went into the main showroom with a handfull of business cards because we were planning on leaving and I wanted to make sure to hand them out to the photographers.

And then I locked eyes with HIM.

You know…Fabio.

And he smiled back at me. We were only two feet away from each other.

Of course, I quickly ran back to where David and Zack were packing.

“Fabio’s here. As in ‘Fabio’ Fabio.”

They didn’t believe me. They said it was a race car driver that lived in Scottsdale that looks like Fabio. I protested. I knew I saw him. They went into the main showroom, came back, and told me that he wasn’t Fabio.

David called over the media director to prove me wrong because of my insistence.

“What’s the name of the race car driver in there who looks like Fabio?”

“That is Fabio. He owns the gray Porcshe next to the yellow one. He’s one of our best customers.”

Don’t tell me I don’t know Fabio when I see him.