Monthly Archives: August 2009

la brea


I finally named my vespa. After she sunk into a freshly paved street and fell over, she was christened LaBrea. I think it’s fitting. A couple weeks later, she was backed into by an anonymous car. I found her tipped over on her side. A lot of damage. Fortunately, she landed on the same side where the minor scratch from the first incident was.

I dropped her off at Vespa of Chandler today (with Stephanie’s help). Hopefully, she will be ready soon. I twittered about it, and Joe offered me a loaner Vespa! Hooray! That means I can ride over to redPear and take some photos! And perhaps get over to Sarah’s and visit baby Ellie!

This summer is drawing to a close…everyone is going back to school. I am going to get a full time job. I wish the weather would suddenly cool down to match the season. My cousin in Calgary said the trees are already turning color. Granted, I do not wish for the intense winters they have, but a ten degree drop in temperature in late August would be nice.

baby eleanor

baby e

Tuesday night, my friend Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I witnessed the birth of her last baby as well, and I am always in awe of the strength and beauty of Sarah.  She is a wonderful mother, and she inspires me with what she does. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friend, Sarah!