Monthly Archives: February 2008

i am in love…

David isn’t really keen on the idea of me selling my vehicle.  Nor are the Schultz’s.  They all have good points…emergencies, borrowing others’ transportation, and isolation.  Nevertheless, I am determined to change my transportation.  I’ve begun to ride my bicycle more often.  I still haven’t taken the bus anywhere though.  (I feel intimidated by deciphering the schedule, but I haven’t written that off completely.)

David did agree to the idea of a Vespa.  I think he may have been in a moment of weakness, but I am not above taking advantage of that.  A Vespa appeals to me in so many ways.  And seeing one in person today…well, my heart simply melted by its design.  I love it.  I covet one.  And the one I drooled over the most happened to be on sale. ((drool))