Monthly Archives: September 2008

payday loan reform

The so-called Payday Loan “Reform” Act would allow the payday lenders to bleed hard-working Arizonans with 400% interest rates. Forever.The payday lending industry doesn’t want you to know it, but when it comes to protecting your pocketbook at the ballot box this November, “no” will mean “yes.”

A “NO” vote on the payday industry’s Prop 200 will mean “yes” to capping payday loans at 36% interest once and for all.

More info here.

(h.t. Zach. I copied his text, too.  I’m lazy like that.)

Liberty Market


I’ve been working at the Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert.  I am so excited for this restaurant to open.  It will be part market honoring the history of the building and part restaurant.  Liberty Market has a Renato wood burning pizza oven; and the restaurant will also serve fresh salads, paninis and sandwiches, as well as beer and wine.  There is a real espresso bar with a focus on the art of espresso. The business will be open from breakfast to late night; and it also offers free Wi-Fi.


old warriors

It’s been a strange few weeks around here with the insect observation.  I’ve had a rather intimidating sized spider living above our door, her three foot web strung tightly between the palm and the grapefruit tree. I’ve left her alone because I am weary of the mosquitos.  She could easily straddle a half dollar.


Tonight, we noticed a three-inch-long green dragonfly by the outside lamp.  Dragonflies also eat mosquitos, and their larvae eat mosquito larvae. Crazy, eh? Look at those wings!