Monthly Archives: July 2010

agritopia commercial corner

I’ve been part of a group that Joe Johnston has invited to brainstorm the idea of developing the commercial corner at Higley and Ray in Agritopia.  It’s been an interesting time to say the least, full of interesting people-I’m grateful for the chance to get to know all of them: Joe Johnston, Jeff Moriarty, Erich Schultz, Jessica Cuff, and James Johnston.

We brainstorm, mindmap, meet outside the group then come back together and share ideas again…hopefully, the development of the corner will begin soon because I can’t wait to visit it!

Here’s some portraits I recently took of Jessica and Jeff.


dinner party

I was lucky enough to be invited to a mostly vegetarian dinner party thrown by Kelli (@africankelli). I had a great time meeting new people and eating great food. Kelli made gazpacho, beans, quesadillas, peanut butter cookies, and a beer can chicken (that somehow never got served). Chanelle (@iamchanelle) brought brownies, and everyone else brought beer and wine! Thanks for the invite Kelli! And thanks for everyone’s patience with me snapping away practicing with my new lens!