Monthly Archives: May 2007

art weekend

Thursday, we went to the Sound in the Ground at the Mesa Art Center. It was so much fun. It was a party for artists. I met Jeff Falk who is a local legend. By the end of the night, he was wearing a giant Day of the Dead skull on his head and blowing bubbles out of a toy gun.

Our slide show went great. The artists represented photography, ceramics, painting, spoken word, and assemblage. It was a bit loud beacause we were hearing much of the noise from the courtyard.

On Friday, we went to the gallery opeing for the WindUp Gallery in downtown Mesa. Go to this gallery and check out the sweet art they have up right now. It’s amazing. Monsters, creatures, humans…great stuff. Make sure you know the hours before you go. And eat lunch at PoshNosh while you’re down there. They have great pasties and pastries. An old high school friend of mine is the chef.

art and faith

There is a conference in Austin, TX coming next April that I want to attend.

This is not going to be what you might expect out of Texas.

I am determined to go, and I am particularly looking forward to hearing David Taylor and Eugene Peterson speak.

Check out the link here.