Monthly Archives: October 2008

ballot (with update)

I finally made myself sit down to fill out my early ballot.  Ideally, I would’ve filled it out last week and mailed it.  Now I must take it to my polling station anyway in order to turn it in.

I was hoping that Arizona wouldn’t be a swing state, so I could vote third party but alas, I voted for one of the main two.

I also found this site helpful. It lists easy to understand information about the propositions.  Here’s a link to Arizona’s specific page.   I was surprised after reading many of the descriptions–the little blurb on the ballot really isn’t enough to go on.

If you are into non-violence and hippie information–this site may also be biased and helpful for advice on how to vote. (scroll down)

I encourage you to fill out your sample ballot that you should’ve received in the mail last week, so you can take it with you to the polling station on Tuesday.

I have to say that the whole process isn’t really easy, but I please vote on things that you understand.  You can always leave sections blank if you want.


A friend of mine who knows things about judicary areas of our Arizonan government recomended to me to vote no on retaining judges Buttrick, Dunevant, and Ryan.



So that wasn’t an acorn squash.  It was a melon.  And I was getting prepped to stuff the “squash” with quinoa for lunch.  It was grown from seeds I purchased at the native seed store in Tucson.  Earlier this summer, I planted a lot of different things hoping anything would grown.  Quelle surprise!

(Guess I should keep better records.  Or any records.)



work emails, saddle soap (apparently bad for leather, need to find suitable replacement), wash scooter, ULTA, lunch with Michelle (cancelled), call Joy S. (emailed), Doc Martens?, bruise wheel?, finish Deana’s painting, email Western Builders with invoice, fill out early ballot, chiropractic appointment (rescheduled), finish exterior paint repair, talk to Ida about someone else heading up the community garden…I think that’s it. Maybe.


This morning, David and I got up early and met Joe and Cindy for a scooter ride to Coolidge.  Well, David drove his car with Cindy in the passenger seat.  Not everyone enjoys the ride.  It was a busy trip down through the Queen Creek area–a lot of construction.  It’s so weird to think people live in giant homes so far east of everything.  I couldn’t believe there was so much out there.  How do people commute so far each day?

We ate breakfast at a little dive called Tad’s. Mostly farmers, local business people, and cowboys inside.  Coolidge is a town I could imagine Napolean Dynamite growing up in.

The drive back was nice too.  We went through Sacaton then through Chandler.  I did think we were going to eat some pavement with the crazy crosswinds we fought down and back, but we made it safely.



first squash

I am so thrilled that the weather is finally cooling down.  Not only is it easier to ride my scooter in cooler weather, but plants actually grow.  Something about dropping below one hundred degrees triggers happier plants.  My grapevine looks bad; it’s the time of year that the bugs eat it, but everything else looks great.  I have some corn that might produce something, and my native american squash seeds grew into a beautiful vine that produced what I think is an acorn squash (see photo).  The vine is doing pretty well on the lawn.  I guess grass is good for something.  I’ve planted my seeds for lettuce, kale, carrots, bok choy, chives, and more.  We’ll see what grows-I’m not really one for labeling or designating.