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club awesome trip: jerome post two

the little town of jerome is pretty rad if you’ve never been there.

it sits on a hill and the main drag is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and galleries.

it’s a bit quirky.

alyssa, bree, and i grabbed a snack at quince.

had a sampler plate with mushroom nachos, stuffed potato wedges, and quesadillas.

and a piece of pecan pie laced with bourbon.

club awesome trip: jerome post 1

i went to jerome recently with a handful of friends.

three of us drove up a few hours early, and we spent some time at the jerome state historic park.

the museum focuses on the history of mining in the town of jerome, and the building is inside the old mansion of james s. douglas.

there are a lot of rock exhibits.

for example, below is a breakfast display made up of rocks.

below is a photo of a model of the town of jerome.

the really interesting part is the lower half of the model which reveals the deposits which were mined.

arizona used to issue license plates made of pure copper.

they still have much of the old equipment around the property, including mining carts.

the highlight of the museum though is the mine shaft covered with glass. you can stand on it.

it goes down into the earth farther than the empire state building is tall. you can’t even see to the bottom.

you can see the hotel in which we stayed at the top of the hill.

more pictures from disneyland

i love the original font


midway at california adventure

oh susan and your big head!

erin’s always up to shenanigans

dinner and drinks at ariel’s grotto

world of color show

sleeping beauty’s castle

one of my favorite pieces of art in the castle

miniature cinderella’s castle in storybookland

moss garden that looks like a field in storybookland

it’s a small world is inspired by mary blair’s artwork

susan LOVED it’s a small world



the jungle cruise

bree moonlights as thor

piranhas on the jungle cruise

the model of the sleeping beauty castle

the model of the white house