Monthly Archives: September 2007

garden workday

Today we had our first workday for our community garden. It was a lot of fun and hardwork. We planted a lot of fall and winter vegetables, we dug out a space for a garden in the spring, and we overhauled the compost pile–whew!


Moving rock…


Tara brought Baby Shea…


Baby Shea


Adam was a working machine!


Wendi showing us her wheelbarrow skills


Brenda swears she always closes her eyes.


Stephanie, Kellen, Kirra, and Kelli planting our food


Craig and Wendi are bringing over the compost


Good job from A-Z (couldn’t resist)


Stephanie found a nail in the alley


Kellen took a break from the laborious digging



it tolls for her

Madeleine Engel died on Thursday.

She was eighty-eight.

I knew this day would come in my lifetime…I loved her in a way a person could love someone they had never met, but read intimate thoughts from their writing.

She was a beautiful woman who taught me so much about relationships, love, art, faith…

“The artist, if he has not forgotten how to listen, must retain the vision which includes angels and dragons and unicorns, and all the lovely creatures which our world would put in a box marked Children Only.”


I will have a piece in the Windup Gallery in downtown Mesa this Saturday.

The opening reception for the show is from 7pm to 11pm.  My piece isn’t in the featured show but will be in the back of the gallery–come out and support me so that I can work my way to the front of the gallery!  Somebody buy it!!

p.s. Support the art scene in Mesa.