• Erin Mead

    Get an idea in your head and then think the logistics. That is how I plan all mine

  • I think the idea part is the hard part.

  • Erin Mead

    Oh man, that is the easy part for me. I have a dozen trips in my head that just need time and funding. I try to cross st least one of a year. Just have to figure out what you really want to see/do

  • well, essentially yes, i could come up with a lot of ideas, but not on the timeline or budget i have. plus i will likely be going alone.

  • Erin Mead

    I relish going alone — but you don’t have to! Look at Groupon and Living Social — I have a lot of friends who have done amazing vacations for SUPER cheap there. I am looking at a few right now!

  • Jamie

    i should, i just never have. i am used to the idea of sharing an experience with someone. so i may have questions for you about signing up for a cruise or something because i have never been on one.