Monthly Archives: March 2009

last weekend of festival

I love going to the Renaissance Festival. Probably a little more than most because I worked there for about four seasons.  It’s like visiting an old friend who always has something new going on.

Below is Adam Crack, six time Guiness world record holder.  Here he is cracking two 40 foot-ish long bull whips at the same time. They seemed to move so slowly, but gracefully, and cracked loudly. It seemed really hard. He said it took two (or was it four?) years with no girlfriend to learn how to do it.


Next is Adam Crack with two whips that were soaking in gasoline then lit on fire.  I am actually surprised how many performers tricks involve gasoline.


On to one of my favorite part of faire, the Mother Goose booth. She lets you hold and pet her goose. Look at Wendi loving an animal. She usually doesn’t do this sort of thing.




This definitely isn’t a summary of everything we did that day, but these were some of my favorites. At some point we went to one of my favorite shows: Dextre Tripp. Below you will see him juggling a chainsaw, an apple, and a torch.


Then he put the apple in his mouth and cut it in half with the chainsaw. (BTW, I love the girl in the corner who has her hands clutched to the sides of her head the whole time.)


Then he duct taped 200 black cat firecrackers to his bare torso with the help of a marine in the audience.  On each side of the stage, volunteers were positioned with water balloons to throw once the fuses were lit to help cool him off. Oh, and he was standing on a single ladder.





Later, we finally ran into my friend Ash with whom I went to high school and also worked the festival.


Good times.  Can’t wait until next year.

health care

I believe the people of this country are holding back their creativity.  I believe that many never follow their dreams because they are held back in fear of lack of health insurance.  I know so many fathers and mothers who don’t strike out that idea for their personal passion whether it is a t-shirt company, a restaurant, or a music career. Instead, they take a “safe” job which deadens their heart and leaves them feeling as though they have betrayed themselves.

When I  travel to other countries, I am always delighted by the individual shops and businesses.  The small flower shops, the chocolatiers, the music stores.  The restaurants! The small food carts!  We are being robbed!

I believe that we as a country had more than enough money to pay for health insurance for all.  At least for all the children.  Instead we squandered it on war and bad loans.  We could rebuild our economy with actual dreams this time around.  I hope that this is something that happens in my lifetime.

And here’s a link that got me all fired up about this topic again.